Mo Duk Pai(“martial ethics method”) kung fu is a comprehensive martial art that emphasizes self-defense with ethical behavior. The Mo Duk Pai system was founded in 1983 by Professor Fred King. Our lineage and traditions are rooted in Shaolin Kung Fu, which dates back to the 6th Century B.C.

Mo Duk Pai draws from Professor King’s experiences in traditional Kung Fu, Boxing, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Arnis and other martial disciplines.  It has evolved into a well-rounded fighting style that we study at NPAKF today.

Physical. Emotional. Mental. Spiritual.

Most people rely on one or two of these four human components.  They compensate, often to their own detriment, the benefit of a whole, peaceful being.  At NPAKF we develop the mind, body and the spirit.  We incorporate all of these aspects into our daily lives, creating a harmonious balance.


Sifu Sean Kelly is a second degree Black Belt in Mo Duk Pai Kung Fu. He trains under Sifu Kyle Alexander at The Academy of Kung Fu in southeast Portland.  Sifu Kelly is the owner of Kung Fu Outreach, a program that helps kids learn practical life skills through the training of Kung Fu.  He leads P.E. and enrichment programs in several Portland Public schools, and is a mentor for at risk youth.